Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Glass blowing course

Pat has always been interested in Glass blowing. Previously whenever we went to Scotland or anywhere that had glass blowing facilities, we would always go visit. So last Christmas when I was at my wit's end as to what to give him for Christmas - I asked him and he said he wanted to do a glass blowing course. I was not really interested to go but he did want me to come along as well, so I booked a place for 2 for April! I was just worried about not being able to do it but after the thrill of making your own glass ware, I am hooked! It was a 2 day course, on Saturday, we made a paperweight and a vase and on Sunday, we made a Christmas bauble and a plate. As the glass needs to be anealed for it to cool down so it does not crack, we got the Saturday one on Sunday and the Sunday ones were supposed to be couriered to us. I paid £20 to have it sent to us but we got cheated. They never sent it to us and both Pat and I are so disappointed as we wanted to see the finished products! Here are some of the pictures taken during the 2 days!
Taking a little molten glass out from the oven
choosing your colours
Making the swirl for the paperweight
Shaping the paperweight
finished product that now needs to cool down
Blowing air to make the vase
affixing a post to the vase
Making an opening for the vase
My vase, completed
Pat's vase
Different technique
Putting the plate into the "glory hole" to soften it
Pat's plate
Finished product


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Tina, very interesting. I saw this when I was in Italy long ago as well here in Niagara Falls.
Really very artistic and creative.
Nice pics you took.
Enjoyed seeing thru.

Hey, you missed the lovely dress I had for you earlier posting.

Edith said...

Tina is this in London or some where near. I always wanted to try my and at this.

tina said...

E, this is about 2 hour drive out from London. Very interesting course!