Wednesday, 2 September 2009

When Mediacorp came...

When Mediacorp came...

Mediacorp - Channel U is going round the world (I think) filming overseas Singaporeans and what they eat. So they came on Monday, August 31 which was a bank holiday here and filmed....

Let me tell you what they wanted. They wanted someone who had a kitchen with an island - this request was sent out by San Choo who administers a few forums here. So itchy backside me sent him a pix of my kitchen as asked if it was ok. Came back to say producer likes it and could they film here?

They wanted 3 cooks to cook and compete. hehe.

First they wanted us to make fish head curry. No scrap that. Then they wanted us to make roti prata. So I practiced for a week to get it right. No, not the flipping method but the crispy prata. Managed to get that right, then they changed their minds. They said the normal way of eating prata was dipping in curry - as everyone knows ... so they don't want that. Do something fusion as in eating prata with something else. Alamak, even Pat went "Ang Mohs (Caucasions) eat roti prata with curry, what else you want them to eat with?" So anyway cracked my head as to what to cook. Thought of making fajitas and using the prata to wrap but San said it would be too cripsy to wrap. Ok, bad idea. So... second idea - make pizza with it. Pat didn't like that, so scrap that. Pat said what about prata with baked beans .. yeah yeah, funny.

So ended up making Baba Ganoush or in layman's term - Aubergine dip. This is a middle eastern dish that is normally eaten as a starter with pitta bread.

As they say, a picture paints a thousand words, so let the pictures tell you then.

Others competitors at work!


Cast and crew

Forgot to mention - they said it was scheduled to be aired on October 20 at 2009. English title is "Flavours of Singapore". But apparently the schedule may change, so watch out for this programme starting on October 13.