Sunday, 8 July 2012

Sunday lunch with friends

Alamak, I am so bad... I just realised that I have not posted pictures of the day Alicia, Colin and Alicia's mum came to lunch. It had to be Sunday lunch as her mum was only in London for a week and she was leaving the next day!

Reason I invited Alicia's mum along was that in this small, small world of ours, I actually knew Alicia's mum before getting to know Alicia. Her mum and I were colleagues in a travel agency in Singapore and then when I moved to the Ritz Carlton, that's where I met Alicia! Such a coincidence and now, she is in London!

These are pictures of the food I made for them! And I forgot to take pictures of dessert which was Summer Pudding!

Grilled Chicken


Chap Chye

Satay Babi

Assam Beef

Our guests: Alicia and Colin

Alicia's mum and Colin