Sunday, 8 July 2012

Sunday lunch with friends

Alamak, I am so bad... I just realised that I have not posted pictures of the day Alicia, Colin and Alicia's mum came to lunch. It had to be Sunday lunch as her mum was only in London for a week and she was leaving the next day!

Reason I invited Alicia's mum along was that in this small, small world of ours, I actually knew Alicia's mum before getting to know Alicia. Her mum and I were colleagues in a travel agency in Singapore and then when I moved to the Ritz Carlton, that's where I met Alicia! Such a coincidence and now, she is in London!

These are pictures of the food I made for them! And I forgot to take pictures of dessert which was Summer Pudding!

Grilled Chicken


Chap Chye

Satay Babi

Assam Beef

Our guests: Alicia and Colin

Alicia's mum and Colin


Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

Oh, your satay Babi look delicious and interesting to see satay without skewer..

tina said...

Sonia, thanks for visiting. This is a peranakan dish and although it is called satay babi, it is different from the skewered satay. Will post the recipe soon.

Edith said...

What a small world. And are you going on a diet? You lost so much weight!

tina said...

Edith, simi lost so much weight? haha. trying to but to no avail. Must be the colour of my blouse la, hehe

Alicia said...

Hi Tina,
I think I'm super bad! Didn't realise that you posted this until last night when I was trying to search a recipe on your blog from my phone & our pics appeared..hehe. Guess from a computer , one needs to click on 'older posts'to be able to see :).

Anyway, we enjoyed the food & both your gracious hospitality...ah still drooling over yr food lah :).