Saturday, 5 May 2012

Indian rojak

Have been wanting to make this for the longest time ever but everytime I think of the lecehness and the time taken and only me to eat it....

But this time, after seeing so many pictures of it being posted by my friend S, I had to do something about it. So...I have and here it is. I halved the recipe as I only wanted to see what it was like. Actually, it turned out ok. Do give it a try if you are craving for this.

The recipe is a mixture of recipes that I picked up from the internet. The dough recipe is from my friend Zu of Zu's Kitchen..

The recipe below is the full recipe. I only made the dough ingredients and the coconut cake.


500g all purpose flour
5g instant yeast
1/2 tsp salt
500-600ml water
1/2 tbsp tumeric powder

1. Sift flour with yeast, tumeric powder and salt into a bowl
2. Pour water a little at a time till the batter becomes like a fritter's batter.
3. Cover bowl with cling wrap and leave it to proof for about 2.5hr - 3hr or till double in size
[This dough will be used for some of the rojak ingredients ]

Rojak ingredients without dough - deep fried and drain oil well
2 firm tofu, cut into 4
4 tempe, coat with a bit of tumeric and salt
4 fish cake
4 hard boiled egg
2 boiled potatoes

Rojak ingredients with dough
2 hard boiled eggs
2 boiled potatoes
2 tbsp sesame seed
2 firm tofu
some prawns
a bit of orange colouring (optional)

Method to fry dough ingredients
1. Heat oil in a wok/pot
2. Divide dough into 4 parts

1st part of dough
- Fry it into balls

2nd part of dough
- Coat the hardboiled eggs and sprinkle some sesame and fry till crispy

3rd part of dough
- Coat tofu with dough and put one prawn and fry till crispy-

4th part of dough
Coat the potatoes with the dough and sprinkle with sesame and fry till crispy

Ingredients - Coconut Cake
150g fresh grated coconut
100g rice flour
1 egg
1 tsp chicken stock granule
¼ tsp pepper
¼ tsp salt
2-3 tbsp water

Method - Coconut Cake
1. Combine the ingredients, press some mixture with palm, put into hot oil carefully. Deep-fry over medium heat until golden browned and crispy. Remove and drain well. Leave to cool and cut into pieces. Keep aside.

Ingredients - Rojak Sauce
300g sweet potatoes
200g peanuts, toasted and grounded - I omitted
12 shallots, pounded
4 garlic cloves, pounded
4 tbsp chilli paste / chilli boh
1 tsp shrimp paste powder
100g palm sugar / gula melaka, crushed
50g sugar
4 tbsp cooking oil
800ml water

Method - Rojak Sauce
1. Steam sweet potatoes over high heat until cooked and soften. Remove, leave to cool and peel. Mash or pounded until finely paste. Keep aside.

2. Heat up cooking oil in the preheated wok to fragrant pounded shallots and garlic. Add in chilli paste and shrimp paste powder, stir-fry briskly until aromatic. Pour in water and bring to a boil.

3. Add in sweet potato paste, palm sugar and sugar. Cook until sugar is completely dissolves then blend in grounded peanuts, stir well and continue to cook for awhile. Remove from heat, ready to serve.