Saturday, 27 April 2013

Hols and food at home

These were a few of the foods I cooked while my mum, Liana and friends were here.

chix wings

ngoh hiang

sayoh lodeh

pandan cake

chilli stuffed mackeral

mee siam

ayam buah keluak

Chai tow kueh

Beef stew

Puttu Mayam

Sausages and mash

Boneless chix rice

Chwee kuih




Uncle Lee said...

Hi Tina, I really love all the pics here.
You mind I copy your sayur lodeh and that fried fish pics?
Will credit you when I display it.
By the way, who's that gentleman on the right?
Best regards.

tina said...

Hi Lee, of course not, be my guest! The gentleman on the right is my friend's husband. Actually, they are both my friends who came to visit us from Singapore!

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Tina, just dropped by say hello. Saw your comment, but how come in a previous posting, but you mention about latest one?
Anyway, its ok, always glad have you come by.
Keep well, best regards.