Monday, 5 August 2013

Kuih Bingka Ambon

I love kuih ambon and I have tried numerous times without success. The flavour was there but I just could not get the honeycomb. Tried so many recipes and they all didnt work.

Finally, last week, thinking that perhaps my yeast had expired, I looked at the tin and realised that I had been using yeast for hand baking rather than the quick yeast. So off to the supermarket I went and bought me another can. The other reason for my kuih failing was because all the recipes asked to cook the cake with bottom heat first and then end off with grilling the top. But my oven did not have bottom heat!, so brains clicking now - ha, grill it on my stove top grill!

150 gms tapioca starch
¼ tsp salt
1 tsp instant yeast
5 egg yolks
300 ml freshly squeezed coconut milk or coconut cream (from can)
150 gms sugar
20 gms  pandan leaves or 1 or 2 tsps pandan paste

You do not need to use a starter dough for this recipe


1. Mix tapioca starch/flour, salt and dry yeast. Add beaten egg yolks and whisk till smooth.

2. Add coconut milk and sugar to saucepan. Stir over medium heat till warm. To test, dip  finger in and should be bearable to the touch.

3. Slowly pour coconut milk into batter, stirring all the time.

4. You can either use pounded pandan leaves to get the juice or a teaspoon or 2 of pandan paste. Mix the batter thoroughly, cover and set aside for 2 – 3 hours. By the time, the batter will covered with tiny bubbles. There will be starch at the bottom of your mixing bowl. Whisk gently to mix

5. No need to line tin, I just brush oil all over the tin.

6. Using the bbq grill, turn it to low and cook the mixture until you see bubbles on top and also after it has stopped jiggling, move it to the oven with the top grill turned on at about 170 deg C for about 10 - 15 mins.

Tried again, this time for my mum and others who do not have a stove top grill. This time I cooked it on my stove top. It can be done but please put it on a slow fire and turn around often for the bottom to be evenly cooked. Once it stops jiggling, continue as per method 6 above.


Anonymous said...

Tina! Looks good! I have been craving this!! But how long can you keep cake? In Malaysia, it goes stale fast even wrap up in fridge when I used to live there.

Ju xx

tina said...

Hi Ju

I can leave it on the counter top for a couple of days but it finishes by then. In the fridge it does keep for longer, except that it goes a bit hard, then let it come to room temp and you'll be fine!

Happy trying!

Han said...

Dear Tina

Thanks a bunch. My 2nd try, with your guidance, was a success !

Yay !

tina said...

Dear Han

My pleasure! I am glad it was a success!

The New Low said...

Hi, Can i ask what is the measurement for the tapioca starch? It is 15g, 150g?
Thank you

tina said...

Dear The New Low

Oops... it should be 150 gms.

Happy baking!

The New Low said...

Thank you. I am glad I went with that. However, it is taking a long time to whip to creaminess. Maybe I was impatient. :)

tina said...

Dear The New Low

Sorry, I don't understand what you mean by whipping to creaminess? There's nothing to whip?

But how did it turn out?

J Law said...

I baked for 50 mins 160 degree on low heat oven but still jiggle why ah

tina said...

J Law, different ovens have slight deiff temps again. Did you cook with bottom heat first? If it is still jiggly, then please cook a bit more till it more solid.