Tuesday, 17 September 2013

A fire in one of the rooms

Tues, 10 Sept - I am preparing documents to take with me for our annual CEO conference. This year it is to be held in The New Forest - about 90 minutes drive from my house.

Then at about 12 noon, I get a call from Pat asking me to go home as he said that one of the rooms in our house had caught fire. We don't have a smoke detection unit at home but we do have a security alarm. The smoke was so bad that it triggered the burglar alarm which in turn called our key holder. He then came over to our house, walked round but found nothing amiss. He then called Pat to tell him about the call and asked if he should go in to have a look. When he told Pat there had been a fire, Pat thought he was winding him up. He eventually believed him and got Danny (the key holder) to call the fire brigade. By the time Danny came, the fire had burnt itself out and thank God the fire was contained only in one room! It was a miracle that the fire had not spread.

Good thing for us is that the station is 2 minutes away and then arrived soon after. They ran into the house with their hoses "blazing" but Danny managed to stop them from spraying water.

So to continue, here I was in a bit of a panic and trying to get all my papers ready .... managed to do it in record time and set off home.

As they say, pictures speak louder than words, so here are the pictures.

In the daytime in natural light, the damage didnt look too bad in our bedroom, but in the evening, when we thought of going to bed, that's when we realised that the smoke damage was worse than we thought !

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