Wednesday, 29 October 2008

It's official! Winter is here. Our clocks turned back last Sunday, so we are now 8 hours time difference with Singapore as opposed to 7 hours from March to October.

Autumn was pretty mild - temperature averaging around 15 deg C, then wham, on Monday, it dropped to around 9 deg C. Last night when I left the office at 6.30, it started to hail, but when I reach home, it was sleeting! Then sometime in the middle of the night, it started snowing (goodness gracious - it's only end October!) not much at our place but just 1/2 from us at the foot hills - it snowed quite heavily as the motorway there had to be shut because the roads were not gritted which caused some accidents!

Let me tell you about my drama this morning - walked to my car and when I tried to open it, I found it was frozen shut. Called out to Pat and he asked if I had tried the other doors, which I promptly did, but to no avail. So he came out and ran his nails along the rubber of the door and managed to pry it open. Then I tried to scrape off the ice off the windows but as it was frozen, couldn't. So had to get Pat to get me a kettle of water to pour on the windows. That done, I was on my way.

As I was driving along, a sign flashed on my dashboard - "passenger door open" - remember earlier I tried opening all the doors? Well, because they had defrosted, the door was quite loose and I could hear the traffic outside, so no choice but to stop the car and close the door. So on my way again I went. As I was nearing the station, I thought I saw another sign flash up - this time it said my rear door was open! Horrors! - but as I was already quite near the station, just continued on my way . Reached the station and made sure this time all the doors were properly closed before going to work!

So my friends, that was my little drama for today!

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SIG said...

Hahaha, what a drama!