Monday, 20 December 2010

Katrina, Rob and James

This is a very belated post - Katrina and Rob's wedding as well as Baby James's christening!

December 12 dawned bright and sunny. It was a beautiful day. Got up early to set the wedding and Christening cakes at the hotel, got back, dressed and went over to take Katrina to church.

She and Rob orginally only wanted to have James's christening but she thought it would be better for James to have married parents, so they decided to get married at the same time. But she wanted it to be a surprise, so the invites that were sent out were only that of James's christening. So when we arrived the vicar told us that some people approached him asking if there were 2 celebrations there - a christening and a wedding? and he said yes, but they were going to be held together!

Pat and Katrina outside the church

Baby James was so good, he was asleep the whole of wedding mass and even when it was time for him to be baptised, he was still sleeping and when the vicar carried him - I thought " oh no - he is going to shriek when he pours the water over his head!" but bless baby - he had a shock alright, but he opened his eyes and frowned at the vicar - that was it!

Katrina's wedding cake

James's christening cake

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