Saturday, 27 November 2010



It's been more than a month since my last post and I apologise for that. Pat was diagnosed with kidney cancer but has since then had his left kidney removed. We went back to the consultant 2 weeks ago for a post operative consult and the good news is that the pathology report on his lymp node came back clear. So far, he is clear from cancer but will have to go for CT scans to make sure that it has not come back.

He is on the road to recovery but the poor guy is still in pain. It is about 6 weeks since his operation and he is still feeling raw. The consultant prescribed him some pain killers during the last visit but Pat stopped them after taking them for only a day and a half. The pain killers made him feel sick and he said that was not a nice feeling, so he has to bear the pain and hopefully, all these will go away soon.


Baking Fiend said...

I'm so sorry to hear abt this, Tina. I hope Pat is feeling much better now. Take care!

Ju said...

So sorry to hear abt Pat! Aiyah, I so blue blur, don't know.

*hugs* I really hope he is going to recover very soon and no more pain. Poor Pat and you!

Maybe I must be awake on FB!

tina said...

Thanks ladies!

terri@adailyobsession said...

tina! am praying for you and pat. i know you are taking good care of him. you take care too. *hugshugshugs*

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Tina, I really regret read about Pat's situation. However, I am very confident he'll be fine being where you are.
England is noted for their medical experts.
My BIL, he an orang puteh too was diagnosed with cancer, 3 years ago, gua lupa mana tempat, and already given the all clear after couple of operations.

Now doing cycling as well travelling too. I can imagine what you, especially him going thru....just remain positive.....he'll be fine soon.
Wishing him and you all the very best, Lee.

tina said...

Terry and Lee, thank you!