Sunday, 15 March 2009

Pictures of Bruges

Pictures of Bruges!

Our conference was a day and a half - Thursday and Friday. Pat came to join me on Friday afternoon and we spent that Friday and Saturday in Bruges and on Saturday evening, we took the train to Brussels to stay at Y's house.

When we arrived on Wednesday evening, we invited delegates to join us for some beers at one of the pubs. This pub had like 100 over different kinds of beer but I don't want to bore you with pics of different beers, so here is the one that is home brewed by this particular pub - La Garre and is 11.5%... so they only limit you to 3 glasses of this!

The very first hotel in Bruges but sadly has now become a residential home because of the health and safety procedures which it did not pass so could not continue as a hotel.

Bruges City Hall

One of the many quaint buildings in the square

The old hospital

The Beguines - apparently in the 12th/13th centuries when the men went to fight the wars, the ladies had nowhere to go, so the city build huts for them so they could stay and keep out of the streets. After that rich spinsters lived in these buildings and the last Beguines in Bruges died in 1920 and now it houses the Sisters.

The last few wooden houses in Bruges as there was a huge fire a long while ago and destroyed most of the wooden houses.

After doing our walk of Bruges and we were walking back to the hotel to catch a taxi to the station. Heard sound of a band playing. If not for Pat who was trying to find out what the sound was about, I would have walked straight back to the hotel and missed the carnival that followed the band. I have only posted 2 of these pictures!

Main square in Brussels

Maneken Piss - I had to show this picture as this is the landmark of Brussels!

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