Sunday, 9 August 2009

Kueh Lopez

Kueh Lopez

The next few weekends will see me making various kuehs as a sort of experiment to see if they work well using the mw. As you all will have gathered by now, I like to cook, but also I like to find the quickest way of making them as well. Actually this applies to work as well, but I am digressing here. hehe.

So last night soaked 1  cup glutinous rice as I wanted to make some kueh lopez.

This morning, drained the rice, then coloured it a little bit green but only found out later(from Liana) that it is meant to be yellowish and not green. Who cares as long as it tastes good and is edible right? Anyway to continue... As I didnt want to waste the rice if the MW method didn't work, I just put about 1 cupful of the rice into a big soup bowl and added water to more than cover it and nuked it for about 5 mins. Took it out and stirred it and looked ok, then put it back in for another 5 mins again. If the water has dried out and the rice is still not soft, slowly add in a little bit at a time and mw it till the rice is soft. It has to be slightly softer than your normal cooked glutinous rice.

The put it on a big piece of cling film and made it into a triangle and moulded it. Other internet sites tell you to put the cling film into a nescafe cap and mould it into a round shape.

Remove from the cling film, cover with grated coconut and pour melted gula melaka over it and serve.

If you want to do it the traditional way using banana leaf, it is like making bakchang where you shape the leaf into a triangle and add the uncooked rice and put it into boiling water for about 30 mins until it is soft.

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Anonymous said...

If I may dear Tina... just the sight & thought at looking the above images... is hurtling me back to drool earnestly for 3 large delicious pieces for breakfast!!! How to retain or control from drooling...??? TQ for sharing on the Net. - Des.