Saturday, 22 August 2009

Soon Kueh

Soon Kueh

Another experiment as mum said she coulnd't get the skin rihgt. Made it some time ago and the last time I made it, I made it with wheat flour, so today thought I'd try it both ways - with wheat flour mixed with tapioca flour (my original recipe) and another one from another book - this one is rice flour and tapioca flour - the kind that is sold normally.

I prefer the one that uses wheat flour as is transparent and a bit more chewy whereas maybe I didn't follow the 2nd recipe correctly as the dough was a bit soft and difficult to mould. But after steaming it was alright although I did not take any pictures of it.

Filling is not supposed to be dark but as I had left over from popiah I made last week, I added dried mushrooms and dried prawns.

Soon kueh

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