Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Back in London to snow

Back to snow

First before I start, I would like to wish my beautful daughter a Happy Birthday. Sorry Mama cannot be there to share it with you!

Arrived safely back to London. From 30 deg in SG to a sudden drop to 0 deg. hmm...

Monday night, Pat only managed to get home at around 11.30 as all the roads were closed as they could not manage to grit the roads and too many cars on the roads were abandoned as they were skidding and sliding all over the place. Luckily, Pat has a 4 wheel drive, so it is manageable.

But I have been stuck at home since arriving back on Monday and the road outside our house is a slope and because it is a private road, it does not get gritted and because I do not have a 4 wheel drive, I CANNOT GO OUT! Arggh... I need to do my grocery shopping for Christmas lunch. And the supermarkets will be like crazy. It is only 1 day of public holiday but the way the people shop here, you would think that they were preparing for a famine or war or something. Their trolleys are full to the brim and mind you, the big trolleys that we have here are really BIG! I tried ordering online when I arrived back, but all the delivery slots were filled up till 27 Dec. But even if I did manage to order, they would not be able to deliver due to the reason I gave above. sigh.

Hopefully I will be able to go out tonight and get my stuff.

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