Sunday, 16 May 2010



Spring flowers! Let the flowers speak for themselves.
Feathered tulip

Another view of the feathered tulip

Regular tulip

Rosemary bush

Wisteria plant


Jenny Tan said...

Gosh, the Wisteria is BEAUTIFUL!!!! It's been raining here so much...can't do much in terms of gardening...then again, I usually leave it to my hubby...I'm too afraid of the surprises as I dig the soil!!! :P

tina said...

Jen, thank you. Wisterias are beautiful when they are in bloom, aren't they? I will be planting my plants in pots this year as just too lazy to do weeding. haha. Talk about surprises in the soil... each time i pull out an earthworm, I will scream my lungs out and I wonder what my neighbours think each time they hear my screams! ;-p

Jenny Tan said...

Hhhahaaa....I'm glad I'm not the only one who screams!!! We should be neighbors!! hhahahaaaa!!!!

Cindi said...

Beautiful flowers. I want your garden... lol