Saturday, 22 May 2010

Patio is clean

Patio is clean

2 weeks ago, got Pat to take the pressure washer out as I wanted to get our garden furniture washed. He managed to wash 2 chairs and then the hose gun broke. So work stopped. Pat had to go order new "gun" and then when it arrived - weather was crap and raining the whole time, so could not manage to get out to the garden. Finally, yesterday sun was shining, so lugged the pressure washer out again and hey presto, we are ready for summer! - if it ever comes! I am so proud of myself! hehe

Patio before cleaning with moss and weeds

After washing

Steps before cleaning

Steps after


MamaFaMi said...

If only I have a garden like yours, I think I'll spend my evenings there, over a cup of tea, enjoying nature while reading my story book or cross stitching or just lazying around... aaahhh heaven!

tina said...

mamafami, thanks. we can only sit out a couple of weeks in a year la sayang. Otherwise too cold, haha. We only managed to sit outside twice this year so far. Really hoping for summer to arrive!

terri@adailyobsession said...

tina! it's so kind of you to invite me to your house for a meal. i was rather unsure about it bc i'm shy too :D although once i get to know a person, i'm too friendly! i also read inn your blog tt u have a 24 yr old daughter. so do i! i think we shd meet:))

where in london do you live? i'll be going there prolly 13 to 17 july with my daughter. we'll love to meet you :))

tina said...

Terri, would love to meet up. Have sent you an email.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Tina, really nice of you to drop by my shack....and thrilled to know you a 'Peranakan' from Singapore.
My mom was a pure Nyonya 6 generations, though I suspect 4 generations back maybe couple of pirates and opium smugglers ancestors in the roots.

Love your beautiful garden....typical English home garden, looks like you have the green touch.
So, how's the Nyonya cooking? Bet your sambal belachan brings one to Nirvana first taste.
As no Nyonya worth her sarong does not know how to make good sambal belachan.

Incidentally, should you pop by my place, do address me as 'Lee'....even though 2 iced coffee and 6 plain donuts says I wayyyyyy older than you, *wink*.
Have a pleasant week and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

MamaFaMi said...

Hi again Tina... why so silent for almost three weeks already? Don't tell me you're still tired after cleaning the patio? Hahaha.. just kidding!

tina said...

Alamak sayang, thank you for dropping by. No 1, just being plain lazy. No 2, just when I was going to upload pixs and everything, my stupid charger to my laptop mati'd on me. So have ordered a new one and awaiting arriving. Meanwhile, here I am makan ula and answering this di kerja!

Promise will update as soon as I get my new charger!