Sunday, 9 May 2010

This is a very belated post and I would like to thank E of Precious Moments for this award. I started blogging in July 2008... geez going to be 2 years soon... anyway, to continue, mainly as a sort of journal so my family and friends in Singapore and other parts of the world would know what was happening in my life besides my cooking and baking.

People who know me will be surprised when I say I am a rather shy person.. in fact no one will believe me!I say this because although I read a lot of blogs, I do not post or leave comments in them, hence I am not really known in the blogging world.

Hence, when I received this award from E who I have known for a few years already, I was happy but in a quandry as I do not have 12 bloggers to pass to.

The rule of this award is as follows:

(1) thank the person who passed you the award.
(2) paste the award to your blog.
(3) pass it to another 12 bloggers or more if you prefer.
(4) write 10 things about yourself.

This is my list of bloggers who I log on to almost daily:
1. audreycooks.
2. beachloverskitchen.
3. ching.
4. deb.
5. hkchoo.
6. lydia.
7. lily.
8. mamafami.
9. mykitchensnippets.

About myself:

1. A Singaporean who got married at 21 and lived in Japan for 4 years from 82 to 86.

2. 10 years ago remarried to a Englishman and now residing in London.

3. My daughter, who will be 24 this year was with me until last year when my brother passed away, so she went back to Singapore to accompany her grandmother. I miss her very much but I suppose my mum comes first.

4. Used to own a cafe in Singapore for a short period of time called "Tina's Peranakan Delights" in Orchard Road yonks ago. Gave up the shop because I met my present husband and got married.

5. Love experimenting with food.

6. Love baking too and last year did a 5 day cake decorating course, so am into sugarcraft now. Bake almost every weekend for hubby's tea.

7. Love travelling and visiting new places.

8. Am a terrible book worm and when I was younger, used to read non stop. Right now am reading 2 books on the go, one for the tube and one before going to bed.

9. Like I said above, am a shy person until I get to know someone.

10.Going back to Singapore once a year to visit mum, daughter, relatives and friends and to enjoy my much loved hawker food!


lilyng said...


i am very honored that you passed this award to me but i am sorry that i do not do awards.

audrey said...

Tina, thank you so, so much for the lovely award. You have a wonderful blog yourself. audreycooks is a recipe blog so if I accept this award, I'll probably have to stray from my focus. I'm afraid I won't be able to accept it on my site but I shall keep it in my heart. Thank you.

tina said...

Thanks Lily and Audrey for replying. No worries!

SIG said...

Haha, Tina, so sad to read what the other two award recipients said. Well, I too am fiercely private in my blog and do not like to reveal too much about myself, thus to write even 3 things about myself is difficult, much less 10, that'll be revealing too much personal info, cos I am far more shy than you. ;P Well, the impression you gave me when we first met was that you weren't shy and we hadn't even known each other that long. :P But I am glad to have made your friendship and like Audrey, I will keep it in my heart and am so thankful that you though of me. :D But I only do awards which I don't need to use my brain. Hahhaa. Thanks dearie and thanks for the friendship. You truly are a wonderful wife, mother and daughter. Be so proud of yourself.

tina said...

Thanks Deb for your kind words and your friendship as well!

MamaFaMi said...

Dear Tina...

Thank you for your kind thoughts. I am collecting the award today and will try to find time to do the homework that comes with it ya. Will surely try my best to do it soonest possible. Life had been quite hectic for me these couple of weeks.

Thanks again Tina. Keep well!

tina said...

Hi MamaFami

Thank you and I love reading your blog as you make me laugh. Take care!