Saturday, 19 June 2010


Flowers in my garden

Look at the 2nd picture below and you can see why it's nick named snap dragon. If you press on the flower, it snaps!
Snap dragon

Snap dragon 1


Dog rose



These are actually winter flowers and yet they are blooming now. I think they must be bit confused! hehe. And the plants you see in the background are chilli plants. They have tiny buds, so fingers crossed, if I get any chillies, will take some pictures.


Pink poppy


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Tina, wow! These gorgeous flowers all in your garden? They're beautiful. Love that pink poppy.....One of the most delightful things about a garden is the anticipation it provides.
You have a beautiful Sunday and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

tina said...

Thanks Lee. Our garden is in a terrible state now as my "gardener" who used to work from home bought a workshop, so he can't do as he could previously. But we still do have beautiful flowers.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Tina, you on holiday? Just dropped by say hello. Best regards, Lee.

tina said...

Hi Lee, you are almost correct, but not really haha. I am on a course in Nice till Friday and my hubby will join me in the evening then we will have a short break here till Sunday. Hope to post some pictures of Nice and the surrounding areas soon!
Take care

Laura said...

You've got really nice flowers in your garden!! I think it's a joy looking at them!!
Greetings from Italy!

tina said...


Welcome to my humble blog and thank you for your comments. I hope to update my blog soon and hope to see you back sometime.

Christine said...

Hello there. Thanks for adding the Foodistawidget.
You can also add widgets to your other blog posts so it will be visible in the Foodista pages. =)

i love the pictures of the flowers.