Sunday, 20 June 2010

James Thomas

Announcing the arrival of….

This is a back dated post - apologies for not posting earlier!

Dear Readers, I am officially a grandma, albeit a step grandma – haha. My step daughter K, gave birth to little James Thomas on Monday night (14 June) at 11.08 pm. Little JT is 3 weeks early. His original due date was supposed to be 4 July! He is actually a miracle baby as she has cystic ovaries and thought she would not be able to conceive naturally.

She is a dentist and just before she knew she was pregnant, she was not feeling well. So her patients asked her if she was pregnant and she laughed and said that it was not possible. But since a couple of her patients mentioned it, she decided to get a test kit to see if she was really pregnant and lo and behold, she was. But as she did not want to tempt fate, she did not tell anyone until she was in her third month. And as they say, the rest is history…..

Pat will be boring Grand – da, but I didn’t want to be called Nana or Grandma, so I have decided that he will call me Oma – which is the German term. It think it’s short and sweet and easy to pronounce.

For a Caucasian baby, don’t you think he has quite a full head of hair?

James Thomas with mum

with mum

with parents

With grandparents


Baking Fiend said...


Congrats on being such a young Oma! Beautiful baby. :)

tina said...

Thank you my dear. Yes baby is cute but oma is old! haha

Peony said...

congrats n welcome to the granny club, hahaha.

I love newborn, so cute n smell so sweet.

tina said...

haha thanks Peony! Yes, babies have such a nice smell don't they?

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Tina, congratulations to your stepdaughter. The baby sure is cute. And glad the mother doing okay and you all having fun with the baby.
You look real nice in the pic holding baby. And thats a real dashing looking hubby you have.

He reminds me of actor Christopher Plummer...bringing that movie, 'The sound of music' to mind, ha ha.
For a moment I thought it's him, ha ha.
Have fun Tina and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

tina said...

Lee you are too kind! Gone are the days when I had men queueing to date me. bwahaha! Ys baby is cute -that's for sure! You have a lovely weekend!

terri@adailyobsession said...

tina, congrats! baby looks beautiful and so do the parents n grandparents :)) "oma" is korean for mom i think. maybe you shd be "omama".

tina said...

Thanks Terri. Ya Korean for Mum is Oma. See what will be easiest for him when he learns to speak la!

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Tina, I thought 'Oma' is German for 'grandma'?
Ha ha.
Guess you had a real swinging time young days, huh?
Have a nice day, Lee.

tina said...

Lee, Oma is Dutch and German for Grandma and is mother in Korean! Whereas I called bothed my grandmas mama, I cannot get my grandson to call me that cos nowadays children call their mums mama sometimes as well, don't they. My daughter calls me mama. She calls my mum ama but when she is talking to me about her, she will use "bachan" which is the Japanese word for grandma. She used to call her paternal grandma "okasan" which is actually mother, but because she used to hear me calling my MIL that, she just followed suit and my MIL was happy with that, so we never changed it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tina,

Found your blog and such interesting read. I am a Malaysian and I used to study in the UK in boarding schools (in the 80s..!!) but never have the chance to go back there again after the children arrived and work and all. Reading your blog and seeing all the pics of your countryhouse brings fond memories back. Love to visit UK soon one day. Will sure to follow your blog from now.


tina said...

Thank you and and am glad my blog brings back memories of your time here. Will try to update it soon and come back soon.

Take care.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to you being a young and beautiful grandmama.

I also had my 3rd grandson on June 29th, from my son.

My daughter who resides in London said it is too early to get married though she already had a BF.

Time flies, one moment she came to UK to study, and next moment a working lady.


tina said...

Hi Cindi, long time no see! Hope you are well. Thank you!

Wah, you very ho miah now with 3 grandsons!

Do let me know when you are coming to London. Would love to meet up!

Take care

Anonymous said...

I am working under contractual service, already "old" - 55 going 56. Not so soon going to UK perhaps another 1 or 2 years later until my company did not want me

Yes, I luv to meet up with you when I come over, there will be plenty of time then.


tina said...

Cindi, in the meantime, hope to see you here sometimes and keep in touch!