Sunday, 12 September 2010

Matt & Donna's wedding

Wedding Cake

Warning! Another long post!

As you have seen from my previous posts, I have made wedding cakes before. 1 tier and 2 tiers and not very big ones at that! So when Matt and Donna decided to get married, I offered to bake them a cake and they wanted 3 tiers and white and burgundy themed. Good! I thought - gives me a chance to practice and widen my portfolio of cakes.

Hmm.. told Pat will not bake a cake for free again (lol) as I never imagined it would be such a difficult task. Boy, do I admire those people who do it for a living, but then again, when it is a job, I suppose it gets easier!

Anyway, a week after I returned from Singapore, I baked the top layer - a 6 inch fruit cake which traditionally in UK, you keep for the christening of your first child. Had to bake the cake earlier as I had to feed it brandy. Step one done!

Then Tuesday of last week, baked the 2nd layer and it did not turn out well. When I tried the recipe some time back, it was ok but perhaps this time, it was bigger - 10 inches - the cake was not high enough. So Wednesday night, baked another one using a different recipe. Yay, it worked.

Thursday, took a day off and baked the bottom layer - 12 inches. Then whilst waiting for it to cool, made the sugarpaste rose and the roses for the middle tier. The 2 bottom tiers are chocolate.

Then after dinner, covered all 3 cakes. Friday night after work, after dinner continued with the deco. Worked till around 0230 and decided I had to stop. I didn't like the deco but as it was so late, my mind was not working as I did not know what to do with it as it just looked a mess. While in bed, did manage to have an idea of how to "cure" the problem, but it meant that I had to re-cover the cake as the burgundy colour would be showing as it had seeped into the frosting.

So next morning, woke up bright and early but feeling like s**t, went downstairs to try and finish the cake. Redesigned the placing of the flowers and this time, I was quite happy with it. So tried as hard and as quick as possible to cover the cake and then had to drive to the cake shop about 40 mins(1 way) away to get separate cake boxes to house the cakes. When I went to the shop 2 weeks ago, the lady said to assemble them and take it to the venue, but I was worried about the weight of the cakes and them toppling over, so went back to get them. While I was there, got some silver sparkle as well to highlight the roses. Left home at 1000 and got back at 1130, not bad driving, eh, considering it was like 60 + miles both ways. hehe.

so, so to cut a very long story a bit shorter, got everything ready by 1300, got dressed and arrived at the venue at 1430. The wedding ceremony was scheduled to begin at 1530, so 1 hour for me to set up the cake. The most time consuming thing on arrival was to add the beads to the cake! But tada, here is my or rather Matt and Donna's wedding cake.

One last picture before I go, just could not resist taking this. Found this in the loo! Don't you think it is so sweet?


Baking Fiend said...

That a lovely cake, I especially like the 2nd tier... it came together very well!

tina said...

Thanks BF.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Tina, wow! I have seen wedding cakes, but yours is sure impressive! Outstanding! And you had that special recipe called 'love; when you made it.
Love the very smooth fresh snow on a mountain. And the cute flowers or sure got very steady hands.

Tina, you are creative....when I decide to trade in for a new model, ha ha, can ask you design, make one, huh? Ha ha.
But decorated with a handcuff, instead of flowers, arhaaaa ha ha.
Have a nice day, Lee.

tina said...

Lee, haha you berani ask me to make one when you decide to trade in. I sepak you on your wife's behalf. haha. If you say make for your sons, then, ok I will la.

Thanks for the compliments!

Take care!

terri@adailyobsession said...

i know exactly what you mean. it takes weeks to plan n make n nights are sleepless. but when it;s all done, it's worth it (almost) n takes you a level higher in terms of skills. well done!

tina said...

Terri, yes a bit stressful but glad it's over. Thanks.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Tina, love your sense of humour.
Hey, you saw that movie, 'Guess who's coming for dinner"?

Well, we having that interesting question....drop by my place when free. Have a nice day.
By the way gua da lama not hear that word, 'Sepak', ha ha ha. Lee.