Sunday, 5 September 2010

My holiday

My holiday

Apologies for the lack of post and now please sit down, have a cup of tea cos it's going to be a fairly long one as I am going to put 2 1/2 weeks of stories into 1 post!

The main purpose of my going to Singapore at was to attend my cousin's wedding and then have my hols there as well. It was a good thing that Pat did not come with me because on the day I landed, when I called Pat to inform him that I had arrived, he told me that his dad had passed away. We had discussed it already that if that happend, I would still continue my holiday and not turn back but he will try to see if he could delay the funeral. So luckily he could and the funeral was scheduled for 24 August, 2 days after I get back.

I got upgraded on my way out and for the first time in ages, I did manage to catch some sleep. Arrived at SG airport not expecting to see anyone but whilst glancing at the crowd, saw Liana trying to pretend to be inconspicious but failing miserably. haha. What a sweet surprise! The silly girl did not check with the airlines on the arrival of my flight taking for granted that it would be on time, she had to wait 2 hours!

Anyway, got home, got showered and then went out for dinner with Liana and my mum.

2 days later, it's Adeline and Scott's wedding! It was a wonderful wedding. As Scott is an American of Scottish descent, he and his groomsmen wore kilts and as Adeline is half Peranakan, she had her matron of honour and bridesmaids in kebayas. Dinner was at Shangri-La's ballroom and everything was oh so nice!

Mum and Dad walking her down the aisle

I do

With groomsmen and bridesmaids

On stage with both sets of PILs

3 generations

As I was going to be in Singapore during this period, coincidentally, so were a few of my Sec 4 classmates. One was coming in from US for her sister's wedding, yet another from the US back for a holiday and another from Holland also back for holiday. Last minute we had another from UK as well. So we had a mini gathering again this year. Last year, I think we had about 80+ of us. This year we managed to gather about 40+ of us, which I think is also quite good.

All the girls

Sec 4/1

And then another one as some of them could not make it for the 1st gathering, so thanks to Chris, we had it at her place, with some wonderful food to go with it.

2nd SJC gathering

Then I had a 3rd gathering also for some others who could not make the 1st.

3rd mini SJC gathering

I have a lot of wonderful classmates who bother to meet up with me when I am back, some of whom I have been in school with since we were 6! Thank you all!

The rest of my hols were spent just going out with my mum and daughter or catching up with other friends.

Some of the food that I had.

Lunch with Andrew and company at Yanti restaurant

Ramen at Ippodo

Lunch at PS Cafe - thanks to E and D

Dinner at Flo's

We also went to RW at Sentosa and watched Resort World Circus show Voyage de la Vie. We had tickets from Mary - so thank you Mary. For those of you who have not watched this yet, please do. It is a wonderful performance and will keep you captivated throughout the 90 mins.

On the evening before heading out to the airport for my flight back, had dinner with my cousins and their mum. Thank you cousins!

That my friends is my trip in a nutshell and I am back to the real world!


Baking Fiend said...

Sorry to hear abt the loss of your FIL.

As for your trip back to sg, what a wonderful mix of culture at the wedding! And i bet u really had a good time catching up with family and friends...

Hope to see more of your posts soon!

tina said...

BF, thank you, yes I had a great time.

terri@adailyobsession said...

you are very blessed n loved! n liane is beautiful (like mom). what a lovely holiday with family n friends. n so much good food. how many kgs have you put on?? i skipped dinner tonight n it feels good. let's challenge each other to loose weight say by christmas?

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Tina, wow! I love the pics of the lovely nyonyas.....was looking at all to see if I recognised anyone or maybe ahemmm dated one, ha ha.
I love the food pics, very nice. And your cousin looks really gorgeous!

I can imagine you had real good time meeting all the relatives and old friends....talking Baba Malay too.
Very nice pics, Tina.....and enjoyed reading.
Nice have you back, ha ha.
Be seeing you. Best regards, Lee.

tina said...

Terri, yes I agree, I am very blessed to have wonderful friends, you included! Although I did not put on any weight whilst I was out there (I normally don't as I perspire so much) I cannot compete with you and what do you want to lose, lose any more and there will be nothing left of you! hehe

Lee, thank you. So, were any of your ex gf's in the pictures? lol. Yes, my cousin does look good!
Take care!