Sunday, 8 January 2012

Corgette and papaya masak titek

Papaya masak titek revisited - halal

I do make papaya masak titek sometimes as I love the taste of cooked papayas. It is so sweet in the savoury soup. This time I addded courgettes to the the papayas and the almost crunchy texture of the courgettes and the soft feel of the papayas together with the spicyness of the chilli in the soup - what can I say.... it is so nice on a cold winter's day.

3 candlenuts
1 tbsp shrimp paste
1 big onion or 10 shallots
1 red chilli or more depending on how much heat you like
1 tbsp ground black pepper

1 Fish Cube
2 green papayas - cubed
1 courgette - skinned and cubed
12 big raw prawns or 2 fish fillets - sliced into pieces (white fish)
700 ml water
50 gm dried prawns - ground
50 gm salted fish

1. Grind A to a fine paste
2. Skin papaya and cut into pieces, likewise with the courgette.
3. Fill pan with the 700 ml water, add A, ground dried prawns and fish stock. Bring to boil. Put in the courgette pieces and boil for about 8 mins till it is half cooked, then add in the papaya pieces and boil till almost tender. Add fish slices or prawns or both for 5 mins till seafood is cooked. Remove from heat and serve.


sugarism~* said...

Oh yum ! Shall get bachan to cook this ! Hahahaha <3

tina said...

hehe very shiok right?

sugarism~* said...

Un ! ( ´∀`)