Monday, 2 January 2012

Steamed tapioca kuih

Steamed Tapioca Kuih

I love my tapioca cooked any way and I have 2 other friends who are also crazy about tapioca too and one of them made some bo bo cha cha and that led me to crave for it. But when I looked in the freezer, I discovered that my stash of yam was depleted. Huh... so much for that!

And since I have a few packets of frozen, grated tapioca or cassava as they are known here, thought I would make a steamed kuih. I was going to make the pasar malam kind which is the fried version but on second thoughts, steaming would be a healthier version, hence...

It is a very simple kuih to make. All you need are:


450 gms grated tapioca - put half quantity in a muslin cloth and squeeze out the liquid
80 gms caster sugar - more or less to taste
100 ml coconut milk - do not add all at once
half grated coconut - white bits only - steamed with some salt for about 5 minutes
food colouring


1. Place the tapioca and sugar in a bowl. Add the coconut milk.
2. Add colouring
3. To test for consistency and sweetness, place a little on a plate and steam for about 10 mins.
4. Add more sugar or coconut milk as you like and place the whole mixture into a cake tin or in my case, I used a pyrex bowl and steam for about 20 - 30 mins.
5. When the mixture is cool, cut into squares or diamonds and roll into grated coconut.


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