Saturday, 7 January 2012

Kuih Tutu

Putu Piring aka Kuih Tutu

I tried making this some time back when I was making puttu mayam and used the same recipe to try and make putu piring, but was unsuccessful.

Tried goggling for a recipe and still did not get a good vibe with what I managed to find.

Then whilst I was goggling again yesterday and saw cookwithnobook's blog. posting. Thought I would try it again today and yep, think I have almost finally got it.

The first 2 that I made looked out. Ate 1 whilst it was hot and it was alright. But upon cooling, it turned out hard.

Tried it again but this time didnt pack it too tightly and waited for it to cool and this time, woo hoo, success!!! So here is my adaption to the recipe.

I cup rice flour gave me 5 putu pirings.

1 cup rice flour
60ml ( adjustable ) water dissolved with a generous pinch of fine salt
a couple of pandan leaves cut into 2 inch pieces
80gm gula melaka chopped and mixed with a tsp of caster sugar

1. Place the rice flour on a piece of kitchen paper on a plate. Mix it up with the pandan leaves and microwave on high for a minute and a half. Discard leaves and cool the flour.
2. Drizzle water evenly over the roasted flour, stirring with a fork. The flour should just be moistened and not soggy, forming big crumbs. Press the crumbs through a sieve, with the back of a ladle. It should yield a fine crumb texture. For ease , do in very small batches.
3. Spoon rice crumble into the mould. Add 1 tsp of gula melaka-sugar mix. Do not allow the gula to touch the base of the mould.
4. Top with another spoon of rice crumbs. Press gently with spoon for a smooth
5. Steam for about 12 mins.


Resh said...

nice..something ive been looking for...may i know what mould u I have to cover the moulds when steaming?

tina said...

Hi Resh, if you go to my post on Kuih Tutu revisited dated 7 March - you will see the step by step method and the mold that I used.