Saturday, 14 April 2012

Our Easter Break in Budapest

Sorry I have not updated this blog in such a long time... Have been rather busy and a wee bit lazy as well! Do you like my new blog layout, I thought it was time for me to change it and so I did! Sometime in March, Pat suggested that since we had the Easter break coming up, would I like to go for a little holiday? Of course I would, who wouldn't? Duh!! Anyway, I first thought of going to Amsterdam as I have not been there yet, but looking at the Eurostar prices, eekss... no way, so back to the drawing board. Then thought of Prague as I have always wanted to go there and then I spoke to someone who mentioned Budapest and it sounded like a good idea. So I looked at reviews on Prague and Budapest and then got confused, but eventually settled on Budapest. Flew in on Friday afternoon and taxied to the Corinthia Hotel. This is such a beautiful hotel!
Inside view of the hotel
Chain Bridge by day
Chain Bridge by night (raining)
Dinner and folk dancing and I was asked to join in!
Beautiful architecture of Budapest!

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