Sunday, 12 April 2009

Cake deco equipment

Cake decorating equipment

Don has asked me to show her the equipment that I used during my cake decorating course. So here it is.


Peony said...

I love all the tools, esp the viners.
the viners are expensive here in sg. I saw them in Japan, abt 600 yens. Shd have bought it.

tina said...

Wah if the veiners are 600 yen in japan, then it is cheap. it costs about £6+ for a set.

tina said...

Forgot to mention, that whole lot there costs me about £200+, but that was what we were asked to get for the course, so no choice, but anyway it will keep and hopefully I will make more cake decos. haha

edith said...

envy envy.... love the goodies. Now can't wait to see more creation from you.

tina said...

Thanks Edith, will keep you posted. haha