Saturday, 16 January 2010

Popiah Dinner

Popiah Dinner!

As Kris was coming down from Wales, we invited Siat as well so we could play a 3 kaki mahjong game. Kris was going to buy a roast duck from Bayswater to supplement our dinner, but as Circle line was not operating she came directly to my place instead. So I offered to make popiah. Of course I did not have bangkwang and and instead of using celeriac as I normally do, thought I would try something different and use kohlrabi to see what the difference in taste would be like. Went to Tesco, walked round the vegetable department and couldn't find it. Asked the helpers there but unfortunately, they were no help as they didnt know what a kohlrabi is and made it seem like my pronunciation was so bad that they did not understand me. Geesh!Hopefully I will be able to find kohlrabi in another supermarket another day and try it and I will let you know which is better! Anyway, am showing pictures of celeriac and kohlrabi here.



In addition to popiah, I made Tau Yew Bak as well and remembered that I had some Bak Kwa left over from? Anyway defrosted that and grilled it! Yum!

After dinner, played mahjong till 0230. Hurray!


kris said...

popiah and bak kwa was perfect. mahjong was brilliant. diolch yn fawr!

tina said...

My pleasure! You're most welcome! hehe

edith said...

Pong, so who is the main winner?

Can't imagine you gals playing mahjong in UK!

Lucky Kris!

tina said...

hehe, I think it was even!

Kris said...

to be honest, I was too tired to notice who won the most! LOL

and Tina, love the new delphiniums picture :-) my wedding flower!

tina said...


As I said, I think it was evenly won!

Yes, the delphiniums are pretty aren't they, especially this blue. Had to change it out of necessity cos I lost the old one. hehe

kris said...

yup. love this electric blue one.. the exact shade of my flowers! hahaa was a nightmare to arrange into a bouquet though.. or maybe it was cos I did it at like 11pm the night before?!

tina said...

haha! you ah! Next time you come round, must bring along some of your wedding pix to show us.

Claire said...

Hey Tina,
So was the Kohlrabi a better substitute to bangkwang then the Celeriac flor the popiah? We have a white carrot sort here, not sure of the name tho'.

tina said...

Hi Claire

Kohlrabi and Celeriac are just as good! When you say white carrot, I think you are referring to daikon or mooli. I tried it previously and I did not like the texture!