Saturday, 6 March 2010

my window sill

My window sill

I call my kitchen window sill my magic window sill because my flowers and plants love it there and they all trive there!

The orchids on the left have been in bloom since last year late summer (I think) and the other orchid just started blooming. The daffodils were given to me by Kris. Thanks Kris. The plant on the extreme right is a curry leaf plant which my mum brought over ages ago, I thought it had died last year, then it decided that it wanted a second lease of life, so it started leafing again, though not as bushy as I want it to. So the other day, I sacrificed quite a few of its branches and I hope it will branch out a bit more.

The orchid on the left were given to me by Siat and so hopefully they will go on for a long time more. The little plant next to the orchids is a kaffir lime leaf plant. It is growing slowly but surely! And the plant on the right - that is a Christmas cactus which normally blooms around November December - hence it's name. It did bloom then and this is it's second blooming.

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Kris said...

glad to see the daffs have bloomed beautifully!