Sunday, 25 September 2011

Singaporean lunch for friends

Lunch request

When I invited my SG friends over to lunch and asked them what they would like to have. Their answer was:

Soon Kueh
Chwee Kueh
Kuih Kosui and I added
Glutinous Rice

But in as much as Pat loves his Oriental food, he does not really like our snacks and desserts, so I had to cater for him as well, so I added a Curry Chicken to the lot!

Normally when I invite friends over, it is easier to do casserole dishes as I can prepare them ahead of time, and then just warm them up when it is time to dish them out. But for today's lunch, it was not possible!

My gf made this dessert - melon with sago and coconut milk

Lastly, teh halia tarik!


terri@adailyobsession said...

oh my goodness liang moi, the food looks droolicious!

tina said...

Terri, thanks but so much work. hehe