Sunday, 14 September 2008

Sat lunch & dinner


Nonya Popiah

Was in the mood for popiah. Nowadays when I make popiah, instead of using bangkwang, I use celeriac. It's because bangkwang over here costs so much (in SG, it costs around $1, here it costs around £3 - £4)so I buy celeriac which would cost somewhere between £1.50 - £2!


** said...

yum, I love popiah. Seems like your popiah skin very authentic leh. BTW, what is celeriac?

tina said...

E, I am so sorry, I didn't see your post earlier. Lol to the popiah skin - this is the frozen stuff. Only if DD is around, then I will make the egg skin wrappers, otherwise it's readymade skins! Celeriac is a kind of celery - it is a big root - can be eaten cooked or raw.

Was at the Chinese supermarket yesterday, so bought a big bangkwang, so guess what - popiah day again today!!