Wednesday, 10 December 2008

I slipped!

We will be having a conference in Brugge next year in March, so I flew to Brussels on Monday morning. Wanted to check out the hotels and see which one was suitable. From Brussels airport, it is half hour into Brussels and then change another train for a 1 hour ride to Brugge. Left home at 0645 to catch the 0855 flight. Arrived in Brussels around 1130 and got into Brugge at 1345. Timed it very well as made it to my first appointment in time. Went to see 2 hotels, the Crowne Plaza and Golden Tulip. So second appointment finished at 1615 and since I was a little early, strolled down the street to see if I could find some of the restaurants that were pointed out to me that I should check out. Unfortunately, didn't find them and it was almost 1700 and I should have been heading for the station. To cut a long story short, as Brugge is a little town, most people either walk to their destination or they drive. So I walked back to Crowne Plaza and asked them to book me a taxi. Got to the station and the airport in time and flew back to London. On my way out of the airport, when I was within metres of the exit, my left leg kinda slipped and I lost my balance, and.... I was sent flying face down to the floor! Bruised both knees and my little finger got bruised and grazed as well. Luckily there was only 1 other person in front of me (so not much embarrasment there) and she helped me up and asked if I needed help. Told her that Pat was outside, so it was ok.

Got into the car and went home. On arrival and after taking off my shoes, I found that my left inside ankle was swollen! Then my wonderful daughter asked me to re-enact my fall and when I showed her the position I fell, she laughed till she almost cried! Hmmm... instead of pity from her, I get laughter! haha.

Anyway it's been 2 days since the incident and I have almost stopped limping but my both shoulders are still sore.

Thought I'd share this with you in lieu of my food pixs which I have not yet downloaded.


Zurynee said...

Awwww, I hope you are feeling better now :-)

tina said...

Zu, thank you for your concern!Shoulders still aching, but otherwise ok! ;-)

Ju said...

Poor you Tina!

Get Pat to massage your poor shoulder.


tina said...

Hehe thanks Ju, I am all better now!