Sunday, 17 May 2009

Sambal goreng

Sambal Goreng

I finally managed to get tempeh. I have been looking high and low for these. Tempeh is basically a fermented soybean cake with a textured and nutty flavour. They can be bought from certain health food shops but I could not find them or looked in the wrong shops. Then I thought perhaps I could make them myself but they dont sell the starter here in the UK but even if they did, the process is tedious. So gave up of eating my tempeh.. that is until last week when I was in a forum and someone recommended someone who made and sold tempehs amongst other Asian products. My goodness, was I so excited. Made arrangements to meet Fara and finally got my tempeh.

This is what I made. Sambal goreng is normally cooked with beef and a chilli paste, but I wanted to try a different recipe this time without chilli. This recipe is taken from

Life (food) is good! My craving has been satiated!

Potatoes ~ diced
Tempe ~ diced
Tauhu ~ diced
Long beans ~ sliced
Onion ~ sliced
Garlic ~ sliced
Red chillie ~ sliced
Mung Bean vermicelli ~ soaked
Fresh prawns
Tamarind juice
Shrimp paste
Coconut milk
Cooking oil

Method :

1. Fry the potatoes, tauhu and tempe separately till golden brown. Set aside.
2. With just a bit of oil, fry the long beans till slightly soft. Set aside.
3. Heat oil in a pan and saute sliced onion, garlic and red chillie.
4. Add in the fresh prawns and su-un.
5. In a small bowl, mix tamarind juice with shrimp paste. Pour into the pot and stir.
6. Add in enough coconut milk just not to let the vegetable become dry.
7. Add salt and sugar to taste.8. Lastly, add in all the fried ingredients and stir to mix.


Zurynee said...

hi Tina, this version of sambal goreng we called it sambal godok .. hehehe a gravy and less spicy version of it ;-)


tina said...

Thanks Zu. Never had it before, but i liked it. Will do your version next time when I have more time.

edith said...

Ha I just had tempeh few days' back. Shld I say it is an acquired taste.

Ju said...

I love Tempeh! I get mine frozen from Asian/Pakistani shop in Broomhall. Although I have not got some for a couple of years since not been back to the shop. :P