Monday, 4 May 2009



Saturday was a beautiful spring day, about 20 deg C. Weather forecast for Sunday and Monday was windy and cloudy but being ever the optimist, I planned then to have satay today. I thought even if we couldn't BBQ the satays outside I could do them indoors and that is what I ended up doing! Weather yesterday and today was windy, cloudy and overall not so nice. Hmmm... why does it always happen on a bank holiday? Never mind... such is life. Prior to marinating my satays, had to put my ingredients into the breadmaker to make bread for Pat and Liana to take to work tomorrow. Am making curry buns for them. Will post pics of them tomorrow, (if I remember to take pics)

So anyways back to my satays, made beef and pork and pineapple satay. For veg, cut up some sweet potato and baked them and also grilled some asparagus.

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edith said...

wow multi tasking! I love satay but these days it is hard to come by good and shiok ones.