Sunday, 3 May 2009

Sugarcraft / fried tapioca kueh

Sugarcraft rose

Today being a Sunday and as tomorrow is a bank holiday, I thought I would take out my sugarcraft stuff and try and make a rose.

I had no idea how to make a rose except that I knew I had the cutter for it. Cut the first petals and stuck them together. Hmm... looks more like a frangipani than a rose. Nope, that isn't it. So let's try again. This time with a smaller cutter. Nope, still not looking like a rose. Let's try a different way. Ah got it. Looks better but still quite a way to go before I get it. So after about 4 tries, I think I got the hang of it. What do you think? Does it look ok. I know I have a bit more to go, but at least, it has the makings of a rose! Sorry that the picture is out of focus. Got too excited.


Jenny Tan said...

Hi Tina, got here through DB forum. :) I'm from KL, living in US....and when I saw the phrase "pasar malam food"...I had to stop by! Gosh... I haven't thought about it for a while now...and NOW, my craving is starting all over again! *sigh* Can't wait for Summer to come...we'll be taking a trip back. :)

edith said...

Hey this rose is nice leh. Better than my first try. hahaha.. keep it up. The latest trend is huge roses. REally beautiful. Guess I am going to get myself more "toys". hahahaa

tina said...

Jenny, summer will be here shortly!

tina said...


Thanks, I tot maybe Sunday if I'm feeling really hardworking, I would give my roses another try.

Zurynee said...

the rose is pretty !! I like the color too.

tina said...

Thanks Zu. DD wanted red, but only had pink paste. hehe