Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Puttu Mayam

Puttu Mayam

This is a back dated post. Made this on Sunday. Just felt like making it. Made this a couple of years back when I got my colleague in India (previous company) to buy a muruku maker. This little gadget is quite useful. It comes with a few attachments.

Liana says it does taste like the real thing. hehe. Don't know if there are many places in Singapore still selling it. One place I think that still does it the Indian stall in Ghim Moh market. If you go looking for it, bear in mind that this is a breakfast item.

200 gm rice flour
1/4 tsp salt
350 ml boiling water (more or less)
orange sugar
grated fresh coconut (skin removed)

1. Steam rice flour for 5 mins.
2. Remove from steamer and add salt and boiling water and stir till it forms into a soft dough. Using a puttu mayam mould, put the dough into the mould.
3. Squeeze out the dough moving in a circular motion.
4. Steam the puttu mayam over high heat for about 10 mins.
5. When cooked, remove from heat and eat, served with sugar and grated coconut.


Joshua said...

Muruku? I thought this is putu mayam?

tina said...

Josh, it is puttu mayam as stated in my heading. But I called the gadget a muruku maker because it makes muruku as well la. hehe

Anonymous said...

How to use this machine?