Thursday, 30 July 2009

Yong Tau Fu

Yong Tau Fu

Liana wanted to eat some yong tau fu, so bought some bitter gourd, aubergines, green chillies and tau pok. The fish paste is ready made from the Chinese supermarket. Cut and stuffed the vegs and tau pok with the fish paste and shallow fried them after which I braised them in yellow bean sauce. Unfortunately I ran out of the yellow bean sauce so added in black bean sauce as well.

Yong tau fu


Sybil said...

Tina, the fish paste that you used, was it bought in the Chinatown in London?
Are you able to tell me what it's called? I can't find the Spanish mackerel that should be used to make yong tau fo and the craving is really annoying me now!! =) If it's sold in Chinatown, I can go ask the ones here in MAnchester whether they sell it. But need to know what it's called. Thanks!!! Sybil

tina said...

Sybil, I'm sorry but I have no idea. Next time I go to Chinatown, I'll take a pic of it n post it for u.