Monday, 26 January 2009

CNY Eve Dinner

If we were in Singapore, we would be having a Reunion Dinner last night which in the Lunar Calendar is known as the thirtieth night. Married couples would go back to their parents home or in-laws, hence Reunion Dinner.

To sort of get the feeling of Chinese New Year, I invited my uncle and aunt who live here, another couple and us - 8 of us for dinner.

So here are the pictures of what I cooked. Most of them are typical Peranakan dishes except for the Braised Vegetables which I made Japanese style.

Babi Pongteh

Itek Sioh

Spinach and Mixed Mushrooms

Steamed Sea Bass

Shrimp Wanton

Braised Vegetables - Japanese style

Satay Babi

This is the dessert that I made.
Panna Cotta with Summer Fruit Coulis

My friend brought this Roulade.


SIG said...

I like ayam sioh :)

tina said...


I oso like, duck or chicken does not matter. ;-)