Monday, 12 January 2009

Joys of the London Underground (Part 2)

Joys of the London Underground (Part 2)

Like they say in Singapore... "Can die" .. this expression aptly captures what I felt this evening!

Left the office at 5.30 as boss was not in, so thought, alright will be home around 6.30 or 7pm but, left the office at 5.30, caught the train and then driver announced that there were no trains between Aldgate and Wemberley. This was fine as the train I was on was going to Wemberley, so no problems there, right? Wrong! Halfway through, another announcement... this time that the train wasn't going to Wemberley, only stopping at Wilsden Green. So how, got off the train to wait for the next train that would go to either Wemberley or beyond. Took that, and then changed at Wemberley for the train home. That itself was another challenge as train only moved a bit because of signal failure elsewhere, someone got sick on another train, oh the excuses they made.... so finally got home 2 hours later again. Sigh... this time not my fault but courtesy of the London Underground!


SIG said...

Oh dear me. Hey is that your kitchen????!!!! I LOVE it!

tina said...

Yes it is, thank you. I love my kitchen too ;-) Am trying to find a nice sunny afternoon and clear the clutter on the counter tops and take a bigger pix.