Friday, 9 January 2009

The Joys of London Underground

The Joys of the London Underground - The Tube

Last Friday it took me 2 hours to get home from work. Why? Well, to start from the beginning... since I started work, I have been driving to South Ruislip station, parking there and taking the tube. Parking at the station costs me £83 a month. It's so expensive but what can I do? Then during the Xmas hols, we went into town and Pat parked at a different station. It was only £2 a day which means £40 a month, a saving of £43. Wow! So from last Monday onwards, parked at this different station taking a different route to work. Halfway through I have to change trains to get to my destination. So back to my story. Left work and where I was supposed to change trains to get home, there was a train on the other platform waiting. I just jumped in without even thinking of looking at the destination as I have always been lucky the last 4 days. Then halfway through the journey after the driver had closed the door, he said train was going to Amersham. S*** I thought... and the worst thing was that this was a semi express train, which did not stop at the next station. It only stopped like 5 stations away. Mumbling and scolding myself under my breath, made my way to the opposite platform to wait for the train to get home. Haiz... moral of the story? Look that the board before boarding. Kekeke!

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